alg_sheet.gitSheet of algorithms I use for OLL/PLL when speed solving Jackson Taylor <>18 months
barebones.gitSimple operating system from Jackson Taylor <>2 years
dotfiles.gitDotfiles for customizing my programs on unix based systems Jackson Taylor <>20 months
dwm.gitMy build of dwm Jackson Taylor <>
jacsr.gitJackson's Awesome Cube Statistic Recorder Jackson Taylor <>23 months
jama.gitJackson's Awesome Media Application (Or Just Another Media Application) Jackson Taylor <>2 years
jamos.gitScript to download, tag and sort music from Youtube Music Jackson Taylor <>5 months
japh.gitJackson's Awesome Project Helper Jackson Taylor <>2 years
jasbr.gitJackson's Awesome Status Bar - An attempt at creating a status bar for dwm Jackson Taylor <>2 years
nvim-setup.gitNvim settings git2 weeks
sum.gitExample repo to see if my website is "go get-able" Jackson Taylor <>2 years
tdd-python-book.gitMy work through Harry Percival's TDD with Python book Jackson Taylor <>2 years
wordle.gitClone of New York Time's wordle game Jackson Taylor <>15 months